Why this blog?

The youth exchanges between Ra’anana (Israel) and Goslar (Germany) came to life quite early: In 1986 the first Israeli group visited Goslar and invited a group from the horse riding association “Reitgemeinschaft Goslar” to Israel. So in 1969 the first youth exchange took place between Goslar and Ra’anana. The youth exchanges had begun.

Now, in 2019, we’re celebrating the 50 year anniversary of those annual youth exchanges and look back on 50 years of friendship and success.

The idea of gathering

all the experiences and encounters to give a brief overview about the things that happened in the past 50 years was born out of this special anniversary. We’d like to invite you to take look around and help us gather all the infos.

Were you a part of this tremendous story? Help us write it down here….

press articles

On every youth exchange, the local newspaper took part or released some articles about it. Here you find an overview